Kathirasan K

Kathirasan K

Performance Specialist

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I have 10+ years of professional experience as a training facilitator helping people create positive change within an organization or community. I have led workshops on business strategy, marketing development, leadership development and led career coaching sessions for individuals and groups for more than 100 senior and middle level managers.


I am well versed in office ergonomics that deal with physical, environmental and psychosocial elements that lead to better engagement, productivity, efficiency and staff fulfilment. I have been teaching contemplative and mindfulness practices since 2008. I have practiced mindfulness meditation for over 10 years and was trained by the Mindfulness Guru Shamash Alidina and trained in Yoga by the world renowned SVYASA.


I was born in Singapore and have traveled to many countries. When I am not training, I am practicing yoga and mindfulness, bridging the generation gap or playing my guitar with my international rock band.