Christina Randle

Christina Randle


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We are at our best when we are growing ourselves and the fruits of that show up in the value we bring to the work we do.  I received this note just the other day from the CEO of large energy company about their recent success:  “Excited for our team who’ve given their heart and soul for a long time.  And thanks for your part in helping us do what we do.  Hope you like your fruit growing on our trees!”  Our insights, perspectives, practices (both science & art) are embedded into what he and his leadership team do every day.  It was great to hear.


Transformation begins by meeting people where they are (whether something inside of us, with another, the reality of a situation).  Truth is the place to begin.  I enjoy seeing how all the parts of something come together making it bigger than the sum.  Leaders especially.  Bringing practical and immediately usable solutions that combine head and heart that accelerate what we are out to accomplish and make us better and stronger humans as well.


Meaningful things happen when we bring the tangibles and intangibles together – we are then a powerful force.  In growing ourselves, we help grow each other and that impacts the results we deliver.  I have masters’ degrees in philosophy and psychology, along with numerous certifications and credentials from executive coaching and facilitation programs, plus 20 years of personal experience helping Fortune 500 companies transform the way work gets done.


I’m a life-long learner and avid business book reader.  I unwind by cycling and working in my rose garden.