Case Study: Transportation

Our work was for a one of the largest transportation companies in the world, more than 160 years old, with 40,000 employees and over $20B in revenue.


Team members needed support on a mission-critical, 24×7 transportation network.  They needed a methodology for doing the right things at the right time, while working safely 100% of the time.

Our Approach

To impart Individual Effectiveness Training, Coaching and Team Collaboration support for staff ranging from engineers, marketing, IT, project managers, field personnel and senior executives.

Our Solution

We provided Executive Coaching, Individual Effectiveness and Team Collaboration Workshops.  We coached and trained a broad range of employees—from the Chief Human Resources Officer to marketing and IT staff, as well as railroad engineers, field staff and rail yard workers. In all we coached and trained over 1,000 employees across the U.S.  We put systems in place to let employees relax, manage stress, and focus on being more safety-conscious and aware at all times.  We refined the process by which the client onboards new employees.  This client is one of the largest employers of ex-military personnel in the U.S and hires many veterans who will now learn the EDGE system as part of their onboarding.  The EDGE system is now mandated for all non-union new hires.  We supported the Technology organization to help employees better collaborate on projects and achieve team goals.


"Effective Edge is a must for all officers. It keeps us from having so much in our heads, (preventing) injuries."

– Field Engineer


19 %

decrease in work-related stress

51 %

decrease in time spent looking for things

84 %

increase in ability to maintain focus

57 %

increase in ability to prioritize

30 %

increase in ability to deliver results on time

33 %

increase in work/life balance

84 %

increase in ability to manage interruptions

53 %

increase in overall productivity

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