Case Study: Technology

Our Work was for a leading global e-commerce services and products provider with approximately 21,000 team members worldwide.


Business and consumer needs evolved rapidly due to cloud and mobile innovation.  Ever-expanding global markets and increasing security threats were big issues.  This Technology firm’s survival and growth required a balance between the drive for innovation with diligent oversight of existing revenue streams.  Moreover, hugely impactful decisions about growth and acquisition occurred on a regular basis.  This required extreme focus at the strategic level and an ability to execute quickly on business critical goals.  There was no room for error in such a mercurial environment.

Our Approach

To bring discipline and rigor at the strategic level, guiding leaders to make the right decisions on important projects, at the right time, stressing accountability within each individual, ensuring critical tasks and projects were fulfilled on time, with success.

Our Solution

We provided onsite Executive Coaching and delivered Individual Effectiveness Training at a Top 100 Leaders conference, followed by a broader rollout of both live and virtual workshops throughout the enterprise. We delivered a New Hires program for onboarding new employees on an ongoing basis.


"“We wanted our team to have the ability to work effectively and to feel organized and productive so we could optimize our client and associate satisfaction. We set high goals for ourselves and Effective Edge helped us to meet them efficiently. It’s a valuable tool to help us achieve performance results and execute on our strategic direction.”"

- SVP | Product & Market Development | Credit & Debit Solutions

"In my 30 years with (our) organization, this is the best, most useful class I have ever taken. Not to be too dramatic, but life changing and liberating. I never have to be worried about missing a deadline or a follow up email. (This) has a positive impact on my one on one and annual reviews. (It's a) great stress reducer. I have an empty inbox every day when I leave."

"In all my years of attending classes, never have I benefitted so much from a training class. It needs to be mandatory and part of new hire orientation."

-Vice President

"Personally, I am amazed at how the EDGE system has transformed how I am working - I was skeptical that leveraging the system could result in 1-2 hours of additional time per day, but I have been finding that I do have that extra time at the end of my day. Evaluating how I was working previously, it now makes sense; I was spending so much time trying to remember all the commitments I made and scouring email for items I know I had to address, but couldn’t find. Minimizing distractions has also been key. This system is doing more for me than I could have imagined!"

- Strategy & Execution Manager

"This was the best learning I have had in my 16 years with the company."

"This experience was totally out of the box for me. This is truly an eye opener."

"More people within the organization would benefit from this. The Project Managers, especially, or anyone that has a lot of follow-up. Using our tools this way more effectively helps us manage from a dashboard. Seeing the big picture in my own mind helps a lot."


13 %

decrease in work-related stress

18 %

decrease in time spent looking for things

47 %

increase in ability to maintain focus

27 %

increase in ability to prioritize

14 %

increase in ability to deliver results on time

26 %

increase in work/life balance

52 %

increase in ability to manage interruptions

51 %

increase in overall productivity

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