Case Study: Energy

Our work was for a mega oil & gas project in Asia, one of the largest land-based oil producing fields in the world, for a company with approximately 2,500 team members on multiple continents.


Project Leadership was out of alignment.  The project suffered from inconsistent execution and inadequate communication.   All these contributed to potential delays in the schedule and higher than projected capital burn rate, causing visible implications to a successful delivery of the Project.

Our Approach

To intensely focus at all levels within the project to ensure successful delivery in terms of schedule, time, scope and resources.  To help leadership think and act strategically; to create, communicate and manage change.  To develop individuals and teams, supporting personal accountability and improved communications (up, down and laterally); and teach management of self and relationships in order to focus on results.

Our Solution

We provided coaching and advisory services to the Senior Project Director and leadership team; Strategy, planning and execution consulting to senior leadership team; Executive and leaders coaching; Individual effectiveness and team collaboration workshops; Priorities planning; Change management and project communications; and training of several hundred project team members, dozens of teams, and over 50 top leaders on the project.


"We were fumbling as a project. The Leadership wasn’t aligned. Issues weren’t being identified nor solved at the highest levels. Because we at the top weren’t aligned, nothing was getting aligned. EE had us come together, identify the critical issues, work through our challenges and meld as a team."

- Project Director

"Coming into the position, I was surprised at the challenges. Everyone was looking back to the home office for clarity and direction. We didn’t own anything outright. EE helped us understand the current culture from every angle and then put the pieces together to build a strong autonomous culture where execution was our strong suite."

- Site Execution Manager

"Safety is our number one value. We had a ‘build it and they will come operation. When you are building a large and complex project, you need more than that. EE augmented our Incident & Injury Free program and helped us develop a push strategy from the ground up. We took it over and it’s become a global benchmark."


"When budget hadn’t been set and schedule aligned to with Stakeholders, managing contractor and owner, my team wasn’t sure what to focus on. There was lots of uncertainty. EE brought us Priorities – clarity that had us focus on critical activities that accelerated the delivery of the Project. For me, I was under water and needed help to manage the details and administrative of my job to be a more effective leader. We couldn’t have done it without EE."

- Facilities Manager


26 %

decrease in work-related stress

28 %

decrease in time spent looking for things

52 %

increase in ability to maintain focus

41 %

increase in ability to prioritize

16 %

increase in ability to deliver results on time

26 %

increase in work/life balance

53 %

increase in ability to execute quickly

50 %

increase in overall productivity

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