Case Study: Construction

Our Work was for a global leader in engineering and construction with a roster of international projects growing in size and complexity.  They had more than 2,000 team members and over $3B in revenue in U.S. operations, alone.


Projects were growing in size and complexity.  On time, on budget and quality delivery was becoming even more challenging. Leadership sought clarity communicating and articulating the project vision.  Teams were not equipped with the tools and technology to work efficiently, effectively and safely.  Sustainable practices were not embedded within projects—and supporting enterprises.  Thousands of employees were operating in a fast-paced environment with an email- & mobile-intensive culture and needed to adapt quickly to new policies that would impact their workflow.

Our Approach

To focus on how people, not process, have the greatest impact on project outcomes.  To help project teams on large-scale building projects optimize day-to-day tasks while remaining connected to the bigger picture.  To teach project leaders to excel at delegation through clear understanding of roles and responsibilities.

Our Solution

We facilitated workshops for leaders, engineers, project managers, and support functions.  We created custom programs to educate employees on new policies while connecting them to the “why” in a meaningful way.


"Specifically, this was the first time I ever left a training and walked away with not only practical knowledge that will absolutely help me manage my world better, but moreover, I had an empty email inbox, new organizational categories and folders, and an improved method for managing inflow and outflow for my department’s workload. These tactics came in the form of leadership and management principles applied through a stronger awareness of the ways in which Microsoft Outlook can be used as a true management system."

- Vice President (Corp. Comm.)

"The facilitator did an outstanding job of combining leadership principles with hands-on, practical tactics for how to get a better handle on the day-to-day madness of emails, voicemails, deadlines, requests, tasks, and of course – the ever-famous “rock through the window” that throws even the best laid plans completely off course. In summary, the session was outstanding – and even though my attending came with a huge personal sacrifice (very late nights before and after the session to keep up with my ‘day job’) – it was 100% worth it and I’m so grateful I made the time to attend."

"Everyone who manages projects, people or deadlines should be trained by Effective Edge."

"Very innovative and extremely helpful to my work."


30 %

decrease in work-related stress

74 %

decrease in time spent looking for things

30 %

increase in ability to maintain focus

18 %

increase in ability to prioritize

58 %

increase in ability to execute quickly

42 %

increase in work/life balance

87 %

increase in ability to manage interruptions

53 %

increase in overall productivity

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