Five Steps for Giving Productive Feedback

Growth comes from a place of positive encouragement – not from complaints and nagging.  Just hearing the words, “Can I give you some feedback?” can send your anxiety sky high and create the misperception of unworthiness. It may be shocking to learn that people who receive feedback apply it only about 30% of the time. How do we bridge this gap?

Scott Halford of Enterprenur gives advice to all levels of a team in his article, “Five Steps for Giving Productive Feedback.”  Build your team up by using these 5 simple tips for providing help and inspiration during your next 1:1. People have a habit of becoming what you encourage them to be, not what you nag them to be!

Click here to view the article, “Five Steps for Giving Productive Feedback,” by Scott Halford for Enterprenur. 

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