How Culture Meets Performance

Organizational culture outlines how employees handle tasks and projects, and how they relate to it in an organization. This cultural paradigm comprises various values and operating mechanisms of the employees, which help provide direction for the company. One of the biggest challenges in an organization may be to the “but that’s how things have always been done” element of the culture.

Here at Effective Edge, one of the key components of our EDGE system is a change in mindset.  We believe that to make big things happen, you need to refocus and reconnect to what matters most.

We invite you to take a look at Alina Dizik’s Wall Street Journal article, “The Relationship Between Corporate Culture and Performance,” to explore how your company culture is helping your team excel – or is holding you back.

Click here to view the article: “The Relationship Between Corporate Culture and Performance,” by Alina Dizik for The Wall Street Journal.

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