Putting a Price on People Problems

Communication roadblocks, leader issues, meeting fatigue, busywork; the list of time and cost burdens related to the way people work and interact is extensive in many organizations.

At the end of the day, human capital is the most important capital. Companies that consider people development critical, versus those that treat it as a luxury expenditure, are winning in all major metrics.

The article, “Putting a Price on People Problems at Work,” by Tanya Menon and Leigh Thompson for HBR.org, shines a light on serious costs of dysfunction that can be eliminated through a more conscious way of leading and engaging.  Not only are most items on this list addressed through our various programs, our clients benefit greatly by being able to leverage capacity, energy and talent which dramatically improves performance by utilizing the same level of resources.  Everyone leads and engagement soars when barriers are eliminated and people are given the foundation to work more powerfully. We have the good fortune of seeing it happen every week with brave champions and clients across the globe.

Click here to view the article: “Putting a Price on People Problems at Work” by Tanya Menon and Leigh Thompson for Harvard Business Review. 


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