Yvonne Ingalls

Yvonne Ingalls

Executive Coach

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I enjoy seeing how all the parts of a whole come together to make something bigger than their sum:  especially leaders.  Bringing practical and immediately usable solutions that combine head and heart accelerate what we are out to accomplish and makes us stronger humans.  In growing ourselves, we help grow each other and that impacts the results we deliver.


I believe each person is the primary creative force in his or her life, and that the evolution of thoughts, beliefs and behaviors creates a ripple effect of change in the world.  The path to change in the outer world is through the insides – head, heart and gut – so I work with clients to shift their capacity and consciousness.


For many years I held leadership roles with General Electric and Microsoft, driving organizational success through innovative leadership development, talent management, change acceleration, and process improvement solutions.  I now work with leaders in diverse industries and fields, helping them increase their capacity and skills to take on complex challenges.  I’ve lived and worked in Europe and Asia and draw on that experience to help clients build their global leadership.  I combine my business experience with a distinct coaching style that accelerates results for my clients.


I’m a passionate traveler and have visited 30 countries on 5 continents.  I love performing arts, movies and reading.  I appreciate the outdoors and hike, bike and walk in nature as much as possible.  I volunteer my time to causes I care about, and make sure to leave plenty of time to enjoy life with my loved ones.