Kristy Card

Kristy Card

Performance Specialist

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My “Why”… to affect positive change in the world by influencing leaders and teaching my daughters to do the same.


I’ve been blessed to have had a fulfilling 25+ years in the human capital development field. With projects ranging in scope and audience, I am forever humbled by this truth: human behavior, is human behavior, is human behavior. In my working with thousands of people throughout the years, I’ve observed that we all have similarities in how we receive, process and send information. This is the crux of how we “show up,” work with one another, and how we grow. Another truth I’ve grown to appreciate: there is no “end product,” when it comes to leadership and staff development. Our constant evolution is challenging, invigorating, at times “scary,” yet rewarding. This is why I I’ve devoted my life to being a life-long student and facilitator of growth.


The topics I’ve received repeat-requests for include: emotional intelligence, presentation skills, leadership, coaching, conflict management, team building, train-the-trainer, diversity, change management, customer service, and more. The gratitude I feel for being a part of thousands of peoples’ progress, is overwhelming, to say the least. Examples of folks I’ve worked with include everyone from CEOs, front-office staff, medical doctors, nurses, technology gurus, all levels of United States Air Force leadership, teachers, vice presidents, all levels of management, and even ninth graders. We are truly all in this together!


In my time away from work, you’ll often catch me “working” (and learning) during casual conversations with strangers in restaurants, or with friends and family while visiting. You may spot me taking part in passionate, fun dialogue, eating out, walking in nature, attending soccer games, performing arts events,
or you may catch me meditating as the sun sets on another glorious day of existence on our beautiful planet.


To your future, your growth, and your influence in others’ lives. Don’t take it for granted…make it count.