Accountability Matrix

Another component of a truly effective Communication Plan is to make sure that when you are assigning accountability in a project, you communicate not only HOW we agree to communicate, but also WHO communicates WHAT and what levels of responsibility each team member has.  A...

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04 April

Meeting Effectiveness Guidelines

Have you ever attended a meeting, completely disagreed with the decision, but said nothing? We’ve all been there. Unfortunately that silence can be viewed as acceptance by some participants and end up costing you in the end. Establishing meeting guidelines, such as “Silence is Acceptance,” can...

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06 March

Setting Intentions for an Authentic Life

Intentions fuel our creativity and become the starting point for our year ahead.  As we begin 2017, we can drive the year with a purposeful mindset by clearly setting our intentions for this new journey. The staff at Effective Edge meet each December, as a group,...

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06 January

Transform Workplace Holiday Stress from the Inside Out

End of year tasks, finalizing budgets, co-workers on vacation, planning sessions, traveling, holiday parties, gift giving, decorations, hot chocolate, jingle bells. If you read this list and cringed, you get it. The holidays can be merry and a bit overwhelming. Sure you can take a few...

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05 December

5 Ways to Prevent Falling Back into Old Habits

Summertime is great, isn’t it?  Perhaps you took a vacation, a few long weekends, or just enjoyed the longer days and all the fun summer activities. Now as the season begins to shift, you may find that you have “Fallen Back” into old habits and...

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05 October