Millennials are here and they Communicate Differently

Millennials are here and will soon make up over half of the workforce. They communicate differently, they grew up in the digital age, are connected to technology more than any other generation and they are not afraid to ask for what they want. 93% of...

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03 February

Texting Guidelines for Business Communication

With so many ways to communicate these days, it can be confusing to decide which communication method suits the situation. Geographically dispersed teams, remote meetings, and 24/7 connectivity add a degree of complexity that didn’t exist even 20 years ago.  The team at Effective Edge...

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03 February

5 Ways to Prevent Falling Back into Old Habits

Summertime is great, isn’t it?  Perhaps you took a vacation, a few long weekends, or just enjoyed the longer days and all the fun summer activities. Now as the season begins to shift, you may find that you have “Fallen Back” into old habits and...

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05 October
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Create Winning Partnerships

Whether created in an effort to generate new ideas, expand your geographic reach, or to acquire new customers – strategic partnerships fuel the growth of your company’s engine. One key element of a winning partnership is masterful communication. Here at Effective Edge, we emphasis the importance...

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02 September