Our Company

Founded in 1995, Effective Edge was created as executives and leaders began feeling the pressure of delivering results, quickly growing their people to meet continuously rising demands as well as balancing their own work and life.  Executives and business leaders benefitted from the transformation that they received from coaching.  These executives and leaders then asked how their teams and organizations could come together to work more effectively toward achieving their objectives.  Effective Edge responded to those needs and over the next two decades, and coached and trained teams in hundreds of global organizations across a vast array of industries.  As we worked more intensely with these organizations, the Effective Edge team found that projects and major initiatives were key points of pain for these same executives and leaders as they faced the grim realities that 65% of projects failed.  Results were not in alignment with expectations and a new paradigm was needed to achieve success.  Since that time, Effective Edge’s primary focus became advocating for the leadership and committing to the successful execution of the project by helping organizations, project leaders and teams create successful outcomes and practical solutions to deliver on their big projects and major initiatives.

Our Philosophy

Making something big happen takes a lot of work across many levels. Did you know that 67% of projects fail and 80% of mega projects fail? Whether an energy or oil & gas capital project, building a large-scale structure, a merger between groups or companies, integrating an acquisition, pursuing a major growth initiative or restructuring or shifting the direction of your organization – big things  require massive amounts of focus .  Time is of the essence and processes are critical.  That’s the science – the tangible.  The People who come together – between organizations, cultures, and across continents – to do what’s necessary to make the Work happen are the key to success.  That’s the art – the intangible.  Done well, the two are in balance and the work happens:  on time, on budget, as planned…or better.  But if your People and Work are out of alignment, you will struggle with inefficiency and the reasons for it.  From the top down and throughout the organization, focus, clarity, drive, energy and morale can suffer.  Enter Effective Edge.  Failure is not an option, so we take a different approach.  As advocates for leadership, Effective Edge becomes a critical extension of your team.  We help you simplify complexity and bring your People and Work back into balance.  At each step and every conversation, we will identify priorities and isolate potential impediments to accelerate delivery and unleash the potential of your people.  We elevate all levels of leadership to take effective action with a balanced approach. Through clear focus, everyone can shine.

Mission Statement:

Effective Edge restores balance between People and their Work.  We inspire individuals with focus, clarity and ownership.  We build confidence and relationships at every level of the project by bringing intention to decisions big and small.  We create sustainable solutions to immediately deliver results to the project.



In the end, this is what really counts.  Schedule, budget, and performance are non-negotiable. We align project teams.  We create ‘fit-for-purpose’ and immediately-usable solutions.  We accelerate decisions and results.



Working as one team to deliver results sounds simple – in reality, it can be the biggest challenge.  As leaders, balancing process and human dynamics is your differentiator.  Bringing talented people together for meaningful and real dialogue to make ‘best-for-project’ decisions is critical for success.



Removing obstacles, redundancy and blinders creates visibility, transparency and a clear line of sight.  The ability to shine a light on inefficiency and unneeded constraint, while streamlining and accelerating the project, are how we excel.



Time and energy are irreplaceable assets.  People and process, work and life, tangible and intangible – these are the art and science.  Finding the right mix ensures the ability to thrive in the midst of complexity.

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