Q&A: Staying Organized with Performance Specialist, Jennifer Bried

Jennifer Bried believes that time is truly one’s most precious resource, and since life has so much to soak up, is certain there’s no sense wasting it on distractions and detours that aren’t meaningful.

Since 2005, through coaching, facilitating and hands-on organizing, she has been helping busy professionals around the globe regain focus and clarity into what’s most important for them.  She received her B.A. from University of Arizona, studying media arts and business, knowing that whatever she studied, at the end of the day, her mission in life would be to live with intention and joy, inspiring others to do the same.

She is the awe-struck mama of two beautiful boys, and wife to a brilliant man who still makes her heart flutter.

How do you stay organized with all the crazy fall activities?

 I use the word ‘no’, even if it feels a little rude. Maybe I’m selfish, but time is flying by too quickly to be filling up my days with moments that I wouldn’t have hand-picked myself. Also, by saying ‘no’ to more stuff that I don’t truly need or love. By bringing less into my house, I have less to organize. Now getting my hubby on board with this is another story. Ha!

 What is your favorite organization tool?

A 2-tier file tray for the business of life stuff that comes in my home. The top tray is for all unprocessed papers, like unread mail, kids’ school papers, reports from the financial advisor- anything that I’m not even sure I need to keep or trash, but I just need a quick spot to place it, before I deal with it.

The bottom tray is for the lucky few items that I will need to keep, but want to file away at some point. I don’t exactly enjoy filing, so once a month, I grab my stack and file, file, file.  In just a matter of minutes, it’s all done! Ah!

 How do you balance work and home life?

Right now I have a beautifully balanced schedule. I’m incredibly lucky. I’ll say it’s because I made a bold decision in favor of my true priorities, and wasn’t afraid to ask for what I want. I have been completely out of whack in this department before, where life was ALL about work, and sadly, every area of my life was affected- from my relationships, including my marriage, to my health, to my joy for life. It sucked. I won’t go back to that place again!


 What do you do if you have fallen off track?

Recognize it first. Let go of the guilt. Brainstorm all the things that you believe you need to do to get back on track. Now pick one step off this list that you can realistically accomplish, and begin. Starting can be the most difficult step, as it’s easy to get paralyzed by what looks like a huge mountain you need to conquer. The point is, focus on completing just one step, then revisit the list, and choose another.

 What Halloween organization tip can you share with us?

Don’t go nuts! Or let me rephrase- go nuts, but from your house, with stuff you already own, or can make! Enjoy the creative process, but if you’re not already an artsy-crafty person, or if you feel short of time already- don’t make this another stressful to do. Tape a pack of Smarties candy to your pants and there you go! Get it?


– Jennifer Bried, Performance Specialist

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