5 Ways to Prevent Falling Back into Old Habits

Summertime is great, isn’t it?  Perhaps you took a vacation, a few long weekends, or just enjoyed the longer days and all the fun summer activities. Now as the season begins to shift, you may find that you have “Fallen Back” into old habits and your EDGE System is a little ragged around the edges (pun intended) or has “fallen” apart all together.  It happens to the best of us!  Instead of abandoning the system or worse yet, beating yourself up over it, try 5 great ways of keeping your EDGE sharp and preventing Fall Back!

Do a weekly recharge.

This is the simplest and most important way to maintain or re-establish your EDGE at any time!  The weekly recharge typically takes 30-60 minutes.  However, if you find your system has fallen apart while you were away on that Jamaican holiday, you may want to spend an extra hour or two over the next couple of weeks to really give your system a good scrubbing.  If you need a reminder of how to do a really thorough weekly recharge, click here to download a PDF.

Attend one of our free refresher webinars! 

These are short, 1-hour interactive webinars specifically designed for our alumni. Conducted by one of our fabulous facilitators, the webinar will take you through the weekly re-charge live and give you an opportunity to ask even more specific questions about how to keep your system maintaining that efficient “hum.”  You can sign up for your free webinar here.

While you are on the website, remember to check out the rest of the great resources we have available on our Alumni Page.

You can download whitepapers, PDFs, or get access to on-demand videos all designed to help you refresh, recharge, revive, and maintain the EDGE on your system.

Do it as a team!

Perhaps one of your colleagues or teammates has taken the course.  One of the best things about having a teammate who employs the EDGE is that you can share best practices, tips and tricks and hold one-another accountable.  When I was first introduced to this work many, many years ago, my team would meet on Friday in our conference room at lunch.  We ordered pizzas in and did our weekly re-charge together.  It was a lot of fun and a great way to really cement the idea of doing a weekly re-charge as a routine practice.  We actually completed a fair amount of work at the same time.

Start small.  

Practice ONE thing that you know will make a difference in maintaining your system.  Perhaps it’s doing a mind-sweep.  Maybe you just need to block out an hour or two to clean up your email in-box, or clean off your cluttered desk.  Pick the one thing that is draining the most attention and energy from you right now and make a determined effort to address that one thing.   Often times we feel like we have to do it ALL.  Nope.  Doing just one small thing can make a big difference.

Falling back into old habits can happen to anyone.  The good news is that habits can be changed and your awareness that you have “fallen back” is the first and most important step in getting back on track.  Even better news is that on Sunday, November 6, at 2 a.m you get to set your clock back one whole hour (if your country participates in DST). See that?  You’re already gaining more time!

Enjoy the many seasons of your life.

-Anne McGhee-Stinson, Director of Practice

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